Friday, 15 April 2011

English Bluebells

Near Guildford, Surrey

One of the great pleasures of walking through the English countryside in April-May is to come across spectacular carpets of bluebells stretching endlessly in some woodlands.

Emmetts, Kent

Sadly the Common Bluebell, also known as the English Bluebell, is under threat. One of the reasons behind its decline, apart from the destruction of its natural habitat and climate change, is the hybridisation with the paler and larger Spanish Bluebell. Cultivated as a garden plant, this type of hyacinthoide spreads easily beyond flowers beds and invades the hedgerows and deciduous woodlands where the Common Bluebell is traditionally found. As the hybrid species tend to be more resistant, over time they can wipe out the native flowers.

Near Edenbridge, Kent


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