Monday, 16 August 2010

Dark skies over the Lambourn Downs

Lambourn Berkshire Downs dark clouds thunderstorm cereals
As a result of a heat wave followed by dramatic wild fires, Russia's wheat production this year will be down by a quarter. Consequenttly cereal prices are going up, helped as well by speculation, and farmers who did not sell their production yet are postponing their harvest as much as they can to get a better deal. This can be risky though, as heavy downpours can damage crops significantly.
On a mid-August afternoon a few years ago, dark clouds were gathering over the Lambourn Downs, where only a handful of fields had not been harvested yet.

With few places where to shelter once on top of the Downs, I was lucky the rain began to fall only after the clouds had crossed the River Kennet.

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